Driving SVideo using tiny_kernel DEBUG/RETAIL

Dec 19, 2009 at 6:00 AM

I successfully built both DEBUG and RETAIL loads using the steps listed in the documentation section of this site.

The setup I am using loads nk.bin off SD.


I am curious to know if this build is supposed to drive S-video out.  From what I can see other than builddeps.bat, the piece of included code;

cd %_PLATFORMROOT%\%_TGTPLAT%\SRC\DRIVERS\LCD\VGA\BOOT    does not appear to have any influence on s-video.


When I boot off the retail image, I get:



Download file information:
[0]: Address=0x84001000  Length=0x0015337c  Save=0x80001000
Download file type: 1
ImageStart = 0x84001000, ImageLength = 0x15337C, LaunchAddr = 0x8400B0AC

Completed file(s):
[0]: Address=0x84001000  Length=0x15337C  Name="" Target=RAM
ROMHDR at Address 84001044h
Launch Windows CE image by jumping to 0x8000b0ac...

Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Oct 20 2009 at 18:39:19
--- High Performance Frequecy is 32768 khz---


And don't see any activity off the lumina/chroma lines on the S-video connector.  I am aware of the set BSP_TVOUT_COMPOSITE=" variable in the EVM3530 documentation.

It says that you set this variable to get composite video otherwise you get S-video by default.  It probably isn't enabled.  If not, how would I go about getting it on?




Dec 23, 2009 at 4:05 AM
Edited Dec 23, 2009 at 8:53 AM

Just enable it in the registry(may not be needed but I did it) and add set the environment variable.

-----Reg Set:

1. Open the registry in vs2005:

    WINCE600/PLATFORM/TI_EVM_3530/Parameter Files/platform.reg

2. Change the following key to a value of 1 :


-----Env Var Set:

1. Right click on EVM_3530 (right under "Solution 'EVM_2520'") and select properties

2. Expand right hand menu  "configuration properties" and select the sub menu "Environment".

3. Click new fill as follows:

    variable name: BSP_TVOUT_COMPOSITE

    variable value: 1

As I said, adding the registry value may not even be needed, but I did it just incase, and it worked for me.