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Implementing CRT Vector Floating Point (VFP) Support

Download and install the "ARM® VFPv2 Floating Point Support Library" from ARM.

If building with Platform Builder to build your OS image

simply add the FPCRT project to your solution, and set the following catalog feature

EVM_3530\Core OS\CEBASE\Applications and Services Development\C Libraries and Runtimes\OEM Floating Point CRT (ARM only)

A SYSGEN is required.

If building without Platform Builder, ensure the SYSGEN variable is set. I added the following to my "tinykernel DEBUG.bat" file.


Add entries to platform.bib

fpcrt.dll            $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\fpcrt.dll               NK  SH
k.fpcrt.dll          $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\fpcrt.dll               NK  SHMK

I copied the contents of %WINCEROOT%\OTHERS\ARM\VFPv2\src\ARMVFPv2\obj to my prebuilt directory.
Then copied the DLL project to my %WINCEROOT%\OTHERS\ARM\VFPv2\src\FPCRT to my %PLATFORMROOT%\%_TGTPLAT%\src\drivers directory.
Modified dirs, and updated sources to point to new library location.

A SYSGEN is required.

Visual Studio 2008 VFP Support

VS2008 ARM compiler supports emulated and hardware floating point. To enable hardware based Vector Floating point you need to use this option


This means not floating point emulation.

If you use


it will generate software floating point, as it means floating point emulation.

Microsoft KB 947894

Note: This is not related to NEON support

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Removing ARM link from this page, as they have refactored their website. Until further notice contact ARM for the VFP library.