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WinCE Build Window

One of the first steps in creating a WinCE BSP is to create a build window.

Download software release from this site, and copy the configs subdirectory to

From here you have two options:

1. Manually create your build window shortcuts and edit %_WINCEROOT% per your WinCE R2 installation:

Debug Build Window
Target - %comspec% /k "set _WINCEROOT=D:\WINCE600&&D:\WINCE600\PLATFORM\TI_EVM_3530\Configs\"tiny_kernel DEBUG.bat" ARMV4I CEBASE TI_EVM_3530"
Start In - %windir%
Name - tiny_kernel RETAIL

Retail Build Window
Target - %comspec% /k "set _WINCEROOT=D:\WINCE600&&D:\WINCE600\PLATFORM\TI_EVM_3530\Configs\"tiny_kernel RETAIL.bat" ARMV4I CEBASE TI_EVM_3530"
Start In - %windir%
Name - tiny_kernel DEBUG

2. Automagically create build window shortcuts by running my script:


This scripts adds a build window shortcut for each batch file in your configs directory. The shortcuts get placed here:

...\Start Menu\Programs\TI\TIEVM3530\Build Windows\

Once your links are created, test them to ensure no errors are reported.

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