Problems Adding a WLAN USB 802.11 Driver...

Dec 30, 2009 at 9:17 AM

Alright, so since I have been helped thus far in this group, I have a new question regarding drivers.

I wanted to add a USB wifi 802.11 card to my system. After purchasing the Cisco, Linksys WUSB54GC card (, I found that not drivers were available for the card by name, and so I looked up the chipset ( to find it used a Ralink RT2501USB RT73 based chipset. Next I searched microsofts supported drivers list (, and I found that there was a driver for the chipset (RT2501USB.dll), but it was for Wince 5.0. After doing some quick websearches, I found posts on several forums with people getting the driver to work on Wince 6.0. That being said, another quick search revealed a download location for the driver ( and I downloaded it.

After downloading the drivers, i went into platform builder, and I added the supplied .dll/ .inf/"rt73.bin" files to the platform.bib, and edited the registry to match the supplied .reg file's changes. After a successful build, I started my device, and then plugged in the USB Wifi card. The good old "Unidentified USB Device" message popped up, and I typed in RT2501USB, and then the system again popped up the same message box. This is the current state of my driver install.

Analysis Thus Far:

-The registry and windows folder reflect the changes made to the platform (keys are added/files are copied to the windows directory)

-Since typing "RT2501USB" into the prompt did NOT result in an error, but instead just popped up the same prompt, i believe the .dll is being found, but not being installed properly.

-I found the following page, describing a solution to the same symptoms for a different driver:

      From what I can tell, this indicates that the error is derived from either a missing/improper registry key, or the inf file. I noticed that the INF file never specifies vid or pid info, for if it did I was going to add my device's info, then go into the registry and do the same (clearly with a key, "x_y" = decimal "vid_pid"). As I am still learning, anyone have any thoughts on the issue? I could use some of the experience I have seen around here thus far. Thanks in advance,

Jan 19, 2010 at 4:54 AM

Below are registry entries required for an Infineon based USB/Ethernet dongle.  This particular driver uses two DLLs.  Your case may vary, but it gives you the flavor of how it works.  In this case I have it set up with a static IP address of 

To determine device vid/pid, plug USB device into your desktop, and use either device manager/device properties, or tool such as usbdeview.


        ;                                     vendor id & product id


            "DisplayName"="Infineon 851X Series USB-to-LAN Adapter"


            "DisplayName"="Infineon 851X Series USB-to-LAN Adapter Driver"

            "MediaType"=dword:0 ; 0:AutoSense, 1:10BaseT, 2:10BaseT Full_Duplex, 3:100BaseTX, 4:100BaseTX Full_Duplex
            "MediaSel"=dword:1 ; 0:AutoSense, 1:Ethernet, 2:HomeLAN, 3:MAC-MII


            "Subnetmask"=multi_sz: ""