Writing software that takes advantage of the DSP...

Feb 12, 2010 at 2:10 AM

My current platform status is that I have BB REVC and the WinCE BSP 061300 working with 256mb Ram, USBHost(not as stable as it could be), DVI 720p (not HDMI though due to the pixel clock standard requireing an extra 2 MHz, and I have not set up the DPLL to compensate), vfpv2 architecture, PowerVR,  and an xp like interface that I was working with during testing. I intend to use to BB with WinCE for an automation project (this is all for educational purposes at a university). That being said, I was looking for advise on implementing a PID into my design for process control. My present experience in automation is limited to this project, but I am a student of electromechanical engineer, and I have gone through four courses encompassing mechanical, electrical, control system and signal analysis. My current methods I have considered using are as follows:

1. Attempt to use code developed for the on board DSP

2. Attempt to use code developed in VS2008 to take advantage of the VFP

3. Buy a TI Picolo dev kit for about $90 and Implement the PID using VisSim for visual development and system analysis

As my time is quite limited, learning the VisSim has made me hesitant, for I have many other design components to complete. As the BB is the control and UI for the system, i will be configuring the kernel and OS to work as a RTOS. My main concern is that in implementing the PID and controller together, the response time of both the controller and PID will be lowered.  I suspect using the VFP will have a poor results, but I was hoping the DSP on the BB could be an acceptable alternative. I am aware that these are tough questions to ask without knowing my system's requirements, but I was looking for some general advise on the manner. As well, if I was to use the DSP, does anyone know how to code software for the DSP that will run on WinCE or just how to write code for the DSP? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to the possibility of someones help : )

Mar 7, 2010 at 7:46 AM
Edited Mar 7, 2010 at 7:49 AM

Hi Rkaplan,

A few late tips about DSP on Beagle. DSP programming consists of 2 parts. First part is running on the main processor (OMAP3530) side. This part provides data for DSP and gets final results only. The second part is runnnig on DSP and it processes data provided by first part. Two parts are connected by using "window" in RAM. From programming perspective to code first part you use OS tools(in case of CE it's VS200x), and to code second one TI proprietary tool, Code Composer Studio, is used. As the main algorithm is on DSP side you should be good at programming with this tool. Unfortunately I've never used it in my practice.

Good luck, Pavel

Mar 9, 2010 at 11:10 PM

Thanks for the info Pavel. Since I've had experience with CCS and now(after a week or so) VisSim, I have decided to use a C2000 based hardware controller. This solution provides speed in both development and hardware control, and with VisSim has a very well designed system for both PID's and buffering to overcome slower bus speeds (RS232 communication). If you are interested in additional information, let me know.